Visualizing big-box data

UX Consultant @ IDS, 2013-2014

I have a restricting NDA with IDS, so I can’t show much. I contracted with the COO to put together designs and docs for their MVP. In a nutshell, we built a SaaS product for big box stores and other companies needing to streamline and organize constant construction updates. I really enjoyed collaborating and iterating quickly with the COO. Though we put together many flows, I can only show the image uploader we worked on.

Image uploader

This is an image uploader. Scratch that. This is an image uploader on steroids, including features like collaborative annotation, notes, tags, and localization, all tied to a specific construction issue. This gets rid of reams of paperwork and days of bureaucratic fumbling. As an integral piece of the workflow we spent a lot of time making sure the flow was intuitive and the app included all necessary information.

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