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Hi, my name is Justin Hanson: a collaborative and empathetic Product Designer with a passion for ux and invisible design. I’m currently freelancing and can be found meditating, doing handstands in the park, or burning dinner when not designing.

Rethinking email from first principles with Consider

As Consider’s first hire, I helped bring their iOS and web apps to beta. I can’t publicly share my work but please reach out if you would like to learn more.

Classy App

The #1 fundraising platform

Product Designer @ Classy, 2016-2017

Weld App

Weld: A proactive email and Slack bot

Product Designer @ Runway 20, 2015

Changelane App

On-demand automotive service

Head of UX @ Changelane, 2014

Jostens App

Celebrating moments that matter

UX Designer @ Jostens, 2013-2014

Togglegreen Web-app

Reinventing the recruiting morass

UX Consultant @ Togglegreen, 2014


Visualizing big-box data

UX Consultant @ IDS, 2013-2014

“Curious, innovative and whip-smart, Justin is a tireless advocate for the user and UX best practices.”

Jaime Chismar, Designer

“Justin is a thoughtful and thorough designer…inventing new solutions and ways to convey information and make complex steps simple.”

Bill Ferrell, CEO & Founder

“In addition to his technical and design skills, Justin has a strong business sense with an appetitie for innovation and growth.”

Jason Scherschligt, UX Director

“He sees everything through the eyes of customers, users and prospects, and constantly seeks better solutions that create valuable, delightful experiences.”

David Chivers, CDO

“Justin is the antidote to clutter and complication. Apply him wherever necessary to remove the barriers between you and your customers.”

Kawika Maszak, Writer & Founder

“Justin is one of those rare individuals that make you a better person just by interacting with them.”

Grant Novey, UX Designer

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